Who is Intaglio Marketing? Better yet, what the heck does ‘Intaglio’ mean?

Intaglio Marketing and Design is a graphic design and web design agency based in Great Falls, Montana. You know that already.

We’re a group of like minded individuals who have one very important thing in common. No matter what, we will deliver the best experience for you, the client.

Our specialty is helping businesses that are tired of getting the run around by old school agencies and help them see a different perspective.

Let us help you leverage the world of digital marketing to make better use of your traditional marketing avenues.

Our agency is tailor made specifically for your business. Only need a specific service? Great. We’ll help you wherever we can, and we’ll give 1000% to make it perfect.

What does intaglio mean?

Short answer, it was really the first way to mass market. Block engraving in the 15 century. Yes, we know it’s hard to spell. We have no plans to ever change the name. It’s growing on us. We thought it fitting since Mike’s history was specific to the print world.

Long answer, read here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intaglio_(printmaking)

Michael Lake

Michael Lake

Owner | Creative Director

Mike has been in the advertising and marketing business since he was old enough to know better. An artist by craft, he loves the finer arts. Drawing and painting and the like. A graphic designer by trade. He attended Montana State University as a graphic design undergrad and later earned a degree in Digital Marketing and Design from AIU. Magna Cum Laude. He’s spent most of his adult life in print. Working at several newspapers around the state of Montana before finally starting his own marketing firm. These days you can find him camping with his family every second he can spare and exploring as many craft breweries he can find.